1 also no place AmE informal not in any place or to any place: I have no job and nowhere to live. | nowhere else (=no other place): You've got to help me. I've nowhere else to go.
2 get nowhere to have no success or make no progress: It's a good idea but it will get nowhere without more financial support. | get sb nowhere: Taking that kind of attitude will get us nowhere. | get nowhere with: Flaherty was getting nowhere with the Americans, and decided on a different approach. | get nowhere fast: I soon realised that being tough was getting me nowhere fast.
3 be nowhere to be seen/found/heard not to be seen, found, or heard anywhere: Typical - another street crime and the police are nowhere to be seen.
4 nowhere near
a) far from a particular place: He swore he was nowhere near her house on the night she died.
b) not at all: nowhere near ready/full/finished etc: The building's nowhere near finished. | nowhere near as good as etc: Sarah's nowhere near as fit as I am.
5 out of/from nowhere happening or appearing suddenly and without warning: In the last few seconds Gunnell came from nowhere to win another gold medal. | From out of nowhere he asks me to marry him!

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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